WiseHub Education Leaders’ Conference Cape Town 26-28 June 2015

28 June 2015
WiseHub Education Leaders’ Conference Cape Town 26-28 June 2015

What are the challenges facing us as we strive to give our children an excellent education?

Under the committed leadership of Theo van Rensburg Lindzter, a group of erudite school leaders have spent school holiday time sharing thoughts, problems and ideas about education in South Africa. Our goal is to develop joint solutions using shared expertise and strong relationships. 

Some of the issues discussed by principals during this weekend's conference are:

  • Children with special needs form a large percentage of our classes.  A particular challenge in the Western Cape is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.
  • Financial planning is difficult in environments where many parents do not pay school fees, and school theft/vandalism is prevalent.

Do you share these challenges?

Some of the solutions we have discussed are:

  • Closer working relationships with parents and community, education department, school governing body, local businesses.
  • Each school preparing a proposal to pitch to potential donors (investors!) in October, and building strong accountability to ensure a return on investment.

I would like to add to this my passionate desire to use technology more effectively to enable children to access quality educational tools.  What do you think?

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